When Three Become None

These faceless self freaks.
They show true when their fields become
crowded. The sword of vengeance, told not
to wield in the name of Godly justice,
raised to the light of false judgment.
Heads roll.
So surreal is this disconnection. Bite-
sized anger management, never enough to
fulfill. Something cut us. We just choose
to bleed apart.
Our fathers share identity. Our
common “hello” foundation.
No late nights of playing games. The last
roll of perception…



I fell off the edge on the world this morning, reaching for the star you wanted me to name. I told you that it’s name was “crown” and some day I would hand it back to the princess from which it fell, but his will is growing faint so I must add myself to the collective. But promise me one thing… one thing my love, cry not. If you must, turn from me. It would feel as if I died over and over for every tear I couldn’t wipe away.

Poetic Intake

Poetic intake like a dove in your hand.
Reaches inside your mouth and catches your
brain. Society has let their minds subside,
afraid to take the ride of a lifetime.
Poetic intake like pearls in the sand.
Reaches inside your mouth and catches your
brain. Symbolic visions tagged with
statement. One sock on both feet or flowers
in concrete.
Poetic intake like steps to a foreign land.
Reaches inside your mouth and catches your
brain. The ability to recite symbolic
thought, and see others melt when they see
what you’ve brought.

Inspiration + Ability = Poetic Intake


As she slept, above the humming of god like machines, her loved ones around her spoke. There were thoughts of laughter, and conversations of hardship. There were talks of final processes after things had met an inner peace. How family and friends would loose the ability of conversation, and forced to recall memories of the calm painting that was her smile. Never have I experienced a situation such as this. Of family speaking finality of someone’s life as they lay before them. My eyes met a small crack on the floor of tile while hearing the grand stories and I got to meet her all over again, and instantly liked her… all over again… and miss her still.

Birds Of Prey

I woke up this morning different then all
the mornings before, as did many Americans.
My chest was heavy, throat dry, but my eyes
remained fixed on one object. Devastation
visited us yesterday and with him brought
grief and brutality. The day of the slicing
through air, the day those birds of prey with
passengers of compassion became the entire
worlds tear.
The streets were once the foundation for
people to walk. Now the foundation is unity,
for people to stand.


-Written about 9/11

Sweet Necture

Whatever happened to sweet necture.  The birds feed off of it, and it grows in abundance. Is it not enough to take what is so beautifully layed out before you and have it suffice? Is it not enough to see before you the wonder of the cosmos and still wither as though nothing is there to replenish you?  Why. Why something trapped so deep is made to power our vision of our world. Not the real world but this false sense of stability we often  chain ourselves to. The one of utter decay and mind numbing brilliance. All the tools layed out before you but in no consequential order. Perhaps if God himself provided the name plates and their order of use, would it matter either way?

Life is just too complicated,  but it should be through no ones fault but our own. How interpretation is seeminglessly different in each individual. It’s why there can be no perfect man or perfect woman. Everyone has a pre selected view of the world and the people in it. It isn’t a matter of who wins or if they even play the game right. It’s more like A) will happen and B) will be carried out. You can remain strong and hope the outcome is what you want it to be but ultimately it isn’t our call. It is merely the constructs of what lay before each of us.

Our Family Song

She asks me if I love her
I say baby, yes I do
You are the better part of me,
Always shining thru

It’s hard to explain what my joy is
It consists of you and the life of our kids


It’s called life
It’s called love
This is family

(End Chorus)

Another sleepiness night
More of my aches and pains
Runs her fingers thru my hair
A prescription that she’s made

It’s because of their pure love
That wraps us in a great big hug


It’s called life
It’s called love
This is family

Kasaundra, Travis, & Carter – May we live our lives forever