Mimi Versus The House

It was a super cold winters morning. William woke up stretching, yawning, and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He could see thru a small slit in the curtains at the frost that had covered both of his windows. Then William’s feet got really cold and wet all of the sudden! He lifted the covers just enough to see a smoky grey blur travel up from his feet to his face. “Good morning Mimi!” William whispered. Mimi was Williams’s best friend, and pet puppy. Mimi told William good morning in her own way by licking his face like he was a lollipop! “Don’t worry girl.” He said. “I will keep you nice and warm.” Just then, William sat up from his bed and started taking a corner of his maroon blanket to wrap Mimi up like a little Italian greyhound burrito!
Just then there was a knock at the bedroom door. Then the sound of his mom’s muffled voice. “William, time to get dressed. We all have to leave early because of the weather. I am going out to start the car. See you in a few minutes.” William jumped out of bed and started to get dressed. He sure didn’t want to be late for school! “I will see you after school Mimi. Stay warm!” William exclaimed. Mimi heard the bedroom door open and a few minutes later, heard the front door open and then shut. They were gone again. Mimi made her wet nose out of the blanket that her master had put out for her. “What am I doing laying about? I have so many things to do today! At 10:00 I have that tail wagging thing to do, then at 11:00 its off for trashcan duty, then the rest of the day is spent sniffing various things around the house.” Mimi jumped down from William’s bed and proceeded to the living room.

Sabrina, the family cat lay on the lounge chair fast asleep. Mimi thought to herself how wonderfully delightful it would be to sneak up to Sabrina and bark in her ear! I bet she would jump a full 10 feet into the air!

More To Come –


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