That Epic Everything

Now that I’m an adult, I get to look back at my childhood. Many think that youth is something that escapes us. That can never be. It it escapes, that means we held it prisoner. Youth will for all purposes be the frame of mind that society somewhat robs us of. But it is always something that is bountiful. You can never run out of youth. You can only run out of time.

Time escapes us. Time calls on its many minions to draw focus away from youth. That feeling where as a child you would run for no good reason. The feeling that your legs were going to fly off. Holding kite string and arguing with the wind. Hearing two coins hitting each other as though you were the richest child in amidst a sea of peasants. Seeing that new bicycle in front of the tree on Christmas morning. Oh the places you would see! This is true emotion. Not having to live to a level deemed by the general census as worthy.

Where is our youth? Our innocence unfiltered. Behind these eyes we see a different world. Wrapped in warning labels and cautionary tales. We find ourselves using phrases such as, “You can’t do that, this is the world we live in now,” but never saying why or how we can make it that way.

We just accept it as our reality without question.


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